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We strive to provide our clients with a complete & detailed solution to all their financial needs. We go beyond our job description to ensure that each client has a suitable plan in place. A tailored plan that meets all their short & long term objectives.

We make ourselves available outside of the regular 9 to 5 because we know that our clients lead a busy life. We adjust our procedures & solutions to accommodate our clients' unique requirements. 

Let us show you how we have given hundreds of our clients' peace of mind.

Our Services

By focusing on these six key areas, we thoroughly analyze and optimize each aspect of your financial situation, ensuring that our recommendations are comprehensive and tailored to your needs.


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Mutual funds are distributed through PEAK investment services.  An investment in a mutual investment fund can give place to broker fees, trailer commission fees, management fees and other fees. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual investment funds are not guaranteed, their value can vary often, and past performance is not an indicator of future returns.  PEAK investment services responsibility is limited to distributed products.

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What makes us different

Working under the largest independent dealer in Canada (PEAK) this means no pressure to meet quotas or push specific products. Our recommendations are always in your best interest. 

Largest Independent Dealer

We believe every client is unique. We take the time to understand your specific financial needs and goals, providing custom solutions designed just for you.

Personalized Service

Our team collaborates with a vast network of professionals, including accountants, notaries, mortgage brokers, and lawyers. All work together to provide you with comprehensive financial advising.

Team of Experts

Independent Financial Advising

Unbiased financial advising built for you. Meetings are free!
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Independent Financial Advising

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7575 Trans Canada Route, Suite 555

Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1V6

Your Financial Advisors

Alex Melkonian
BComm, CIM
Financial Security Advisor
Financial Planner (Pl. Fin.) 

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Unbiased financial advising built for you. Meetings are free!

Our Financial Planning Process

1.  Free meeting

Easily schedule your free meeting. We'll discuss your financial needs, understand your goals, and explain how our services can help.

3. Tailored financial plan

We build a personalized financial plan unique to you. This plan includes specific recommendations for investments, retirement, estate, insurance, and tax planning.

2. Data collection

We gather detailed financial information to design a plan that aligns with your current situation and future goals.

4. Implementations

Implementing your tailored financial plan into action.

5. Progression

Provide periodic statements and information to ensure we are continuously on the right track to your goals.

6. Review

Periodic meetings to discuss our progress and adjust any changes from the implementation stage.

Personal & Family Situation

We provide comprehensive advice on personal and family matters, including laws regarding different civil statuses and family planning. Our goal is to ensure that your financial plans align with your personal circumstances and family needs.

Laws regarding different civil statuses

Family planning

Financial Situation

Specific purchases (ex. first home)

Debt management

Review mortgage

Group retirement savings plans 


Investments *

• Non-Registered

• Corporations

Situation at Death

Ensure peace of mind with comprehensive will reviews, tax planning, and succession strategies.

Review will

Taxes payable at death

Life insurance analysis

Business succession planning

Retirement Situation

Secure your future with detailed retirement planning and projections tailored to your situation.

Retirement planning

Retirement projection

Review employer pension plans

Review government pension plans

Tax Situation

Minimize your tax burden with expert advice on income splitting, business structure, and after-tax returns.

Reducing income taxes

Income splitting

Optimizing after-tax returns

Review business structure

Protection Situation

Safeguard your assets and loved ones with mandates, power of attorney, and insurance analysis.

Review mandate of incapacity

Review general power of attorney

Life insurance analysis

Living benefit insurance analysis

Business insurance analysis

Our happy clients

See what people are saying.

When I came to discuss the options that were available for my finances, I was impressed with the personalised professional service and advice Alex gave me. The financial plan prepared was tailored to my situation and future needs. I felt very comfortable in putting my finances in his hands. I have no hesitation in recommending his services with complete trust. Thank you for the continuous help, looking forward to continuing working together.

Dorothy T.

Alex is trustworthy. He always answers or calls back within minutes. He made sure I understood how my investments work, how RRSPs work, how much I can put in my TFSA ... He provides a great service and is always there to answer all question. Alex has my best interest at heart and makes me feel like my money is safe with him.

Frederic J.

It’s been 5 years that I’ve been dealing with Alex and he’s been great as my financial advisor & planner. [...] He really does know how to give you that white glove service. I’m not too familiar with all the investment jargon, he’s able to simplify everything and tell you exactly what you’re investing in and what to expect from it monetary wise. It’s really helped me in saving for my first home purchase!

Anthony R.

Upon our first meeting, Alexander not only demonstrated an acute understanding of my needs, he effortlessly consulted me on what the best strategy might be with my company and showed me all the solutions available. He gained my trust instantly and became someone I can contact any time of day for his opinion.

Nick R.

When it comes to wealth advising and financial planning, Alexander is the go to guy! He's great at what he does and most importantly is someone you can trust. He is the type that is always client oriented and will fulfill your needs and new goals in mind. He only speaks the truth and will bring you the results you desire. Always organized and a determined individual that loves what he does, if you're looking for a great wealth advisor don’t be shy to give him a call.

Vincent S.

Alexander is both professional and personable. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with him on several occasions. He has a warm and winning personality which enables him to connect positively with anyone. His knowledge and insights were helpful in bringing about productive and effective solutions. [...] He possesses rare and essential skillset that I’m proud to have as part of my network. I highly recommend Alexander.

Francois B.

Why Choose Us

Unlike big banks, we provide tailored plans to your unique needs.

Personalized Service

Our team is readily available to answer your questions, even evenings and weekends.

Quick Response

We only recommend products you truly need with no pressure to push in-house products.

Unbiased Advice

By working with us, you get a level of personalized, attentive service and care that you won't find at big banks.

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Alexander Cankul
Financial Security Advisor

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